Pokémon 25th Anniversary news

PokemonTCG Sword & Shield 4.5 (25th anniversary)

Pokémon 25th Anniversary news: we can now unveil another special Sword & Shield set that will be released in October 2021: presumably Pokémon 25th Anniversary!

The name was not yet known at the time (November 8, 2020), but we already know for sure which set will be released on February 100. The content is already known, we know that all shiny cards from the Japanese Shiny V are included in the Shining Fates set. The set has a place name of “SWSH 19” in internal catalogs. Special sets are always codenamed “.4.5” by TPCi because they are released between normal sets.

Booster packs of the set are only released through a Elite Trainer Box, pinboxes, V-boxes and two different sets of tins. Individual packs are not sold. No product descriptions have been released yet. As usual, this information is preliminary and subject to change.

Pokemon's 25th anniversary is on February 27, we are sure that there will be no 25th Anniversary set, but a very interesting set namely Shining Fates SWSH 4.5. Furthermore, we already know that TPCi is planning a 25th anniversary promotion with McDonalds to hand out holo promotions of the 25 Starter Pokemon.

What would the 4.5 (Shining Fates) set?

A promising candidate is the Japanese Shiny Star V, which will be released on November 20. It is a 190+ card set that will mainly contain reprints from the Sword & Shield era. It will mostly feature Shiny reprints of Pokemon V. The Shiny Charizard V from Champion's Path probably came from that set. These types of Japanese sets are usually reserved for our special sets.

Over the next week, we will have news of at least two new TCG products coming to market in 2021. Stay informed!

The following products will be available at the launch:

Elite trainer box
Pin Collection
Vmax premium box

Pokémon 25th Anniversary news

Pokémon 25th Anniversary news

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