What is Pokémon GO?

Wat is Pokémon GO?

What is Pokémon GO?

The Pokemon game that came out in the summer of 2016 in America and Europe. It went by lightning fast, before we realized it everyone was walking outside with their cell phones in hand catching Pokemon! On average, each player played the game for about 1 hour a day, what fun it was the summer of 2016. The game that put Pokémon back on the map and was free to download: Pokémon GO.

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is a fun game that can be played on your cell phone. You start as a puppet with no Pokemon and by walking around you have to catch Pokemon that are walking around your neighborhood. The nice thing about this is that it recreated the real world through Google Maps. Through your phone’s camera, you can then see the Pokémon on your screen and catch it by swiping your fingers. Certain Pokemon can only be caught in special locations, with events or by hatching an egg. Thanks to this game, everyone was outside and walking a lot. So it had a positive impact on everyone who plays or played it. It is definitely recommended and great fun for everyone whether you are young or old!

Are there any Pokémon GO Pokemon cards?

Yes, there are also Pokémon GO Pokemon cards. In the year 2022, The Pokémon Company and Pokémon GO teamed up and released a Pokemon card series based on the popular game Pokemon GO. This series is called Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokémon GO and each card features a logo of it. It is a holiday set, so unfortunately there are no Pokemon booster boxes of it. Well the Pokemon elite trainer boxes, pokemon boosters and pokemon boxes. Definitely recommend saving this set, as it is an intermediate set it is nice and small and easy to complete. The lead Pokemon in this series is the legendary Mewtwo. After all, he has an alternate art, rainbow and gold card in one set how cool is that?

How popular was the game?

The game was so popular, it went around at breakneck speed and everyone started downloading and playing it. Within a few months, the billion downloads had already been reached, which, by the way, was a milestone. For this had never before succeeded a mobile game. Pretty soon the game was released in other countries and its popularity kept growing. Meanwhile, the game is already available in more than 100 countries around the world.

How do they make money from the game?

A lot of money has been made from the game, which makes sense with more than 1 billion users within a few months. It’s free to download, so how do they make money from it you think now? You can buy special PokeCoins on the game to gain advantages within the game. They make an extreme amount of money from this because there are so many active players who want to buy some extras anyway. Very clever thinking, and it is not necessarily necessary to play the game but makes it more fun. The game was also named one of the top 10 best mobile games in the world for a reason.

Is it currently still popular?

Unfortunately, Pokémon GO’s popularity has declined considerably. But the game is still wildly popular and extremely frequently downloaded. You can still play it in 2023 now 6 years on and it’s still a lot of fun to play. Updates also come out regularly where new events appear, new regions and new Pokémon. So they continue to work on it nicely and update it as needed, a sizable community has also grown around it by now.

What do we think and do we play Pokémon GO?

We think it is a fantastic game and have played it extremely much. Currently we are still playing it, just due to crowds a little less than before. Indeed, in 2016, we were running around outside every day catching Pokemon, hatching eggs and conquering gyms. What a great time that was, just going on and on during the summer vacation until your battery was dead and then rushing home to recharge it. Great, what a beautiful game it is.


Hopefully we have thus given you some more information about the game Pokémon GO. So it is very nice that in 2022 Pokemon GO pokemon cards were also released, connecting the two hobbies of ours. That’s why we had to save a master set together, hopefully you managed to do the same?

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