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    One Piece English verion 1st anniversary Set

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    Dragon Ball Card Game – Fusion World 02: Blazing Aura

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    One Piece OP-07: 500 Years in the Future

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    One Piece Memorial Collection EB-01

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    Pokémon TCG : Grafaiai Ex Box

    Original price was: € 25,99.Current price is: € 21,99.
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    Pokémon TCG – Paldea Adventure Chest 2024

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    Pokémon TCG SV5.0 Temporal Forces: Sleeved booster

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    Pokémon TCG SV5.0 Temporal Forces: Elite Trainer Box

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    Pokémon TCG SV5.0 Temporal Forces: Boosterbox

    Original price was: € 135,00.Current price is: € 125,00.
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    Ultra pro – 9 Pocket Binder – Paldean Fates – Pikachu

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    Pokémon TCG: Evolving Powers Premium Collection

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    Pokémon TCG – Darkrai Vstar Premium Collection


Best selling products

Buy pokemon cards

It all started in 1996 with the pokemon cards from Nintendo, everyone started buying Pokemon cards. Who doesn’t know them? The old pokemon cards of base, jungle and fossil. Even in the Netherlands it became a real hit, on the schoolyards it was played with and/or traded.

And many children saved them or played with them. Those who used to be smart would have kept them well, because in the right condition the cards can be worth a lot. Think for example of the Charizard from the base set. The first edition shadowless Charizard recently sold for over $200,000! And to think that you used to be able to buy the pokemon booster packs for 3 guilders in the store. Lucky for you, there are a ton of pokemon cards for sale on our website! Below we list the categories for you:

As you can see, our Pokemon shop has everything you can think of about Pokemon. Below we will explain per category exactly what it means.

Pre-order the latest products

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are fortunate to be able to order products before the releases. This allows us to put them in our shop before the official release date is reached. This also gives you an advantage over all your friends, because you can be the first to buy the new products of a series. Think, for example, of  Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage , which can already be ordered from us even though it has yet to be released.

We are strictly bound by the rules and can only send it to you from the release date. But you have much more certainty that you will receive a product from the new series. Unfortunately, we see more and more that products of a new series are completely sold out from the first release day. So we give you an option to order these products in advance!

The Pokemon shop of Belgium and the Netherlands – Buy your Pokemon cards here  has years of experience in the Pokémon world and can now call itself an experienced pokemon shop. An extensive range from many different products to many different series. Including some very popular ones like  Pokemon Hidden FatesPokemon Champions PathShining FatesEvolving Skies,  Celebrations  , Fusion Strike  and the very latest set of soon to be launched Pokémon Brilliant Stars .

But it can already be ordered in our shop. That is the advantage of being an experienced Pokemon store / Pokemon store, this has created numerous worldwide connections with suppliers so that we can quickly obtain all new series. Every day, customers from the Netherlands, Belgium and all over Europe buy their pokemon cards in our webshop. We do our utmost to send these products as quickly as possible and are always open to questions and/or comments.

Visit our shop regularly because the range is always expanded or sold out pokémon stuff that is replenished. Via the homepage there is a search bar where you can search for a certain product or you can use the navigation menu to go to a certain category. We wish you all a lot of fun on our website and good luck with your pokemon pulls. We hope you will pull a lot of Charizards, in the past this has often happened with customers from our store.

What is a Pokemon Booster Box?

A booster box is actually a display in which you will find 36 boosters, also known as packs. booster box  is provided for each main set, the latest booster box is that of Sword & Shield Chilling Reign. You can often find a booster box in the physical stores at the checkout or on the store shelves and the packages quickly cost 6 euros each, we offer these booster boxes much cheaper, so that your price per booster/pack is much lower.

A Booster box is ideal for any Pokémon collector who would like to open many boosters in a row. The box is still in the original Pokemonfactory seal. This also makes it an ideal item to keep as an investment. But beware, the big investors and collectors always want to see a minty mint seal. That means that there should not be a single tear in the seal of the Pokemon booster box.

You also have the option to order a whole case. This is a box containing 6 boxes from the Pokemon factory. You can recognize this by the original description on the sides of the box and by the original tape over the box edges. Often it says something like 6 times Sword&Shield Vivid Voltage booster box. So you recognize that it is an official Pokemon product and in good condition.

Collection target

The choice is, of course, entirely up to everyone. Do you buy one box, do you buy several or do you buy multiple cases? What are you going to do with it? Do you open all packages 36 per box or do you keep them for auction in the attic? Should you really take it as a long term investment? Then you can choose to put a custom-made acrylic case around it. You can purchase these online. This keeps the seal in perfect condition over the years.

What is a Pokemon Elite Trainer Box?

An  elite trainer box  is also often abbreviated as ETB. Each ETB has a minimum of 8 Booster, 65 sleeves, 6 small damage counter dice, one large die to throw heads or tails – even and odd – energy cards and card dividers. Sometimes an ETB consists of 10 boosters and a promo card plus all other accessories. The ETB of a headset has 8 boosters.

The ETB of an intermediate set or also called a Holiday set (eg Champion’s Path) has 10 boosters and a promo card. The Pokemon ETBS are very popular items, especially with a holiday set, because there will be booster boxes for these sets. As a result, the ETB is automatically the product with the most packages in it. And because it often contains a very special promo card, it also makes these boxes extra valuable.

For example, think of the Pokemon Shinings Legends Elite Trainer Box containing a sealed Shining Ho-Oh pokemon card. Or think of the  Pokemon Champions Path Elite Trainer Box  containing a sealed Charizard V pokemon card. When you buy these boxes right from the start, the price range is usually between 50 and 70 euros. Unfortunately it differs a lot per set, one is simply more popular than the other and the production of Pokemon. With one series they print a product much more often than with the other.