Pokemart CardChecker

Checking the value of your Pokémon cards

Pokemart CardChecker

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Pokemart’s CardChecker is the solution to look up the value of your Pokémon cards or entire collection. But it’s also ideal for finding out which versions of your favorite Pokémon exist. You type in the name + number of your card on the bar below. Then you click on the card and see how much it is worth. But other information about the card can also be found there.

How it works.

You have found all your old Pokémon cards in the attic but now want to know what they are worth. With the Pokemart CardChecker, you will find all the information you need to determine the value of your card. You enter the name of your Pokémon, such as Charizard. Then all the Charizards in our database will appear and you click the right one. Or you enter the number of the card 4/102, which also shows the Base Charizard. You now see how much the average selling price was for the past month, day or week. This gives you an indication of how much your cards are worth.

Are all the Pokémon cards in your database?

All Pokémon cards currently in existence are in our database. Whether it is the popular Charizard and Pikachu’s or a less popular rattata. You can enter them one by one with the name and memorize or write down the prices for yourself. We keep updating our database forever. So suppose a new set comes out? Then we will add all the Pokémons to our database. This way we will always stay up to date, as the prices can also change continuously.

You can also look up all cards by set, just click on the logo of the set you want to view and all Pokemon cards from that set will appear.