Sword & Shield Pokemon cards rise

pokemon evolving skies booster box

Sword & Shield Pokemon cards rise

Sword & Shield Pokemon cards rise

There’s a lot happening in the Pokemon world right now. Whereas at the beginning of the summer of 2023, we still saw explosive growth in Japanese Pokemon cards. Seems strongly now that Pokemon Sword & Shield sets and their alternate arts have exploded into explosive growth. Whereas in early 2024, Pokemon booster boxes of Evolving Skies, Lost Origin, Astral Radiance, Fusion Strike and Chilling Reign were still a lot lower in price. Are most of these boxes already up 50% or more by 2024. That is an extreme growth that does not happen often in such a short time. Therefore, today in this Pokemon blog we are going to dive deeper into all the prices and increases of the Pokemon world in 2024.

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Good news for all Pokemon fans, it’s not too late for you to board this Pokemon train. In fact, we at www.pokemart.nl still have plenty of Pokemon products waiting for you. We take you briefly through each set that have risen in recent times. The sets involved will be Evolving Skies, Fusion Strike, Lost Origin, Astral Radience, Chilling Reign and Silver tempest. Namely, these are all Pokemon Sword & Shield cards rising at this time in 2024.

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Pokemon Evolving Skies

This has become the most sought-after and most expensive set of the Pokemon Sword & Shield era. Who would have thought that in 2021 when the set came out and the booster boxes were only 115 euros each? In early 2024, booster boxes went for around 400 euros each. Meanwhile, by the end of April 2024, they had already risen to 600 euros per booster box. Of course, this is because they are increasingly difficult to get and this contains the most expensive alternate art namely the Umbreon VMAX (Moonbreon).

Pokemon Fusion Strike

The timing of the release was very awkward, it was a year with a lot of fat Pokemon sets and in addition the Pokemon Celebrations had just been released. This was the 25th anniversary set that claimed all the attention. But despite that, there were super fat alternate art Pokemon cards in Fusion strike such as the Gengar VMAX, Espeon VMAX and Mew VMAX. Whereas the booster boxes were only worth 130/140 euros at the beginning of 2024, they are now selling for 240/260 euros per box by the end of April. That is a substantial increase and we see it continuing to rise.

Lost Origin

One of the last Pokemon Sword & Shield sets to come out in 2022, it already feels like a long time ago. But what a fat Giratina Alt Art there is in this set. That is the second most expensive card of the entire generation. In 2024 the boxes were not yet expensive, they started around 120 to 130 euros per box. But by now they are heading toward 180 to 200 euros per booster box. So that’s a big increase in a few months, but how could it be otherwise.

Chilling Reign

A set from 2021, that’s a long time ago. But with super nice alt art in it like the Blaziken VMAX, Moltres V, Articuno V and Zapdos V. Meanwhile, this set is also rising significantly, it started in 2024 around 150 to 160 euros per box. This has since become 200 to 240 euros per box.

Astral Radiance

A set that not everyone is a fan of, but has also been on the market for a while now. This contains the super thick Machamp V alternate art. These boxes came 2024 in at around 115 euros per box. Meanwhile, they are 180 to 200 euros per box, so that’s a big increase in price.

Silver Tempest

The only set from this list that has not yet experienced a price explosion in 2024. But don’t forget that this does include the super thick Lugia V alternate art and so this set is definitely a must buy. Of course we do not give financial advice, but these boxes are currently around 130 to 140 euros which they have been all year. Check out our store soon to purchase them! In fact, we still have some for sale.

What do we think of this?

It was waiting for all the increases and running out of Sword & Shield boosters and booster boxes. But that it would happen so quickly and that suddenly out of nowhere we could not have expected either. It came out of nowhere and now the question is where is it going to stop? Of course, it’s nice to see your patience rewarded and a lot of life back in the Pokemon world.

Closing Sword & Shield Pokemon cards rise

Hopefully we have thus given you a better view of the rise of Pokemon Sword & Shield cards. In fact, there are a number of sets that are rising considerably, we have highlighted each of them for you. Don’t you ever want to miss a Pokemon cards deal? Then check out our Pokemon deals. Also, don’t forget to follow our social media channels, that’s where we always share the latest products, news and giveaways. Until the next blog.

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