Pokémon Fusion Strike
The Pokemon Fusion Strike set contains a whopping 284 cards. This is again the largest English set in history, a record that continues to break every year.

As we knew earlier this year, Fusion Strike was going to be a “catch up” set. Because Chilling Reign had to accommodate multiple Japanese sets, 55 cards were cut out and pasted into Evolving Skies, which meant over 90 cards were cut from Evolving Skies and pasted into Fusion Strike. Fortunately, this will be our last “catch-up” set for the foreseeable future.

Fusion Strike is made from nine different Japanese sources:

The 129 cards from Fusion Arts, which came out last month
The 90+ cards from Evolving Skies
The unique cards from July’s Pokemon Family Box Set, such as
Appletun V, Lucario V, Pikachu V, and more
The cards from the May 2021 Inteleon and Gengar VMAX High Class Decks, including the secret rare Inteleon VMAX and Gengar VMAX
Espeon VMAX from the May 2021 Eeveelution Set Bundle for Eevee Heroes
The May 2021 Gym promos, including Breloom V and Cram-o-matic
Celebi V and Sandaconda V promos from April for Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit
The Cinderace and Rillaboom V/VMAX promos for Single Strike & Rapid Strike Master
The January 2021 Gym promos, including Dodrio V
Fusion Strike is yet another Halloween set for the English TCG, featuring Ghost-type pokemon and purple pokemon like Espeon VMAX.

With the help of our CardChecker you can find all Pokemon cards from Fusion Strike!

Some highlighted cards from the set: