Pokemon Twilight Masquerade

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade

The Pokemon Company has just announced the very latest Pokemon card set! Namely Pokemon Twilight Masquerade. Pretty crazy to be talking about this already, since Pokemon Temporal Forces has yet to come out this week. Anyway, another new set has already been announced and that is what we are going to talk about in this Pokemon cards blog. So this is the very latest Pokemon TCG set, about which not super much is known yet. But we will take you through all the information that is known. When is the release date of Pokemon Twilight Masquerade? What products are included in this set and where can I order them? Are there any leaks yet and if so which ones? And of course, we also give our opinion on this set. Are you curious? Then read on quickly!

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waS7l4JY6KE

Release date Pokemon Twilight Masquerade

On May 24, 2024, the set Twilight Masquerade will be released in the Netherlands and Belgium. That means this set will be available as early as 2 months from now. How bold is that? Even though we are still focusing right now on Temporal Forces coming out this week. Still remains a bold idea that another set has already been announced.

This set will be the will be a mix of the Japanese sets: Mask of Change & Crimson Haze.


It will be a while before this set comes out, but we are already putting all the leaks for you. Please note, these are the Japanese pokemon cards. Because the English ones haven’t appeared anywhere yet, but these will eventually come in the English set.

What comes out in this set:

  • 6 ACE SPEC trainer and energy cards
  • 7 EXs
  • 7 Terra EXes
  • 21 art rares
  • 11 special illustration rares both Pokemon and trainer
  • 6 gold cards

We now move on to all the leaks that are known:

Eevee pokemon cardGreninja SARPerrin Crimson HazeLana Crimson Haze
So far these are all the leaks known, should more leaks come out of this set. If so, we will put them herewith, so be sure to check this page again in the future.

Products of this new set

This is a normal Pokemon set, which means it contains both: Pokemon booster boxes, Pokemon elite trainer boxes, Pokemon boxes and Pokemon boosters. Below we show what the products look like:

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade

booster box

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade elite trainer box

elite trainer box

Twilight Masquerade booster pack

Booster Pack

Where can I order Pokemon Twilight Masquerade?

All products in this new set can be purchased at www.pokemart.nl as well as www.pokemart.be. In fact, these are our web shops and if you look at the reviews you will see that we score very well. Just note that this is a pre-order. So you won’t get the products until May 2024.

What do we think of this set?

It looks like a super thick set. The Special illustration rares (SAR) cards released so far look super cool. And of course, don’t forget the Eevee art rares card. So we definitely need to collect this set. Hopefully you are already as excited as us!

Videos about this set



Hopefully this way we have given you enough information about the very latest Pokemon set: Twilight Masquerade. Now should you want to read more such fun and educational articles? Then be sure to check out our other blogs and come back to the website regularly because we post several articles weekly. Never want to miss another promotion, giveaway or information? So be sure to follow all of our social media channels! Until the next blog.

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