Buy Pokemon Cards in the Netherlands

Are you looking for official Pokémon cards in the Netherlands? Then I have good news for you, we of Pokemart sell them in the Netherlands. Whether you live in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen or any other city. No problem we deliver throughout the Netherlands and you order for more than 150 euros? We’ll even deliver the Pokémon cards for free!
Whatever you’re looking for we have it, whether it’s a gift for a Pokémon collector’s upcoming birthday? Or a sealed Pokemon booster box? We always have the very latest series in stock in our warehouse. There is enough for everyone throughout the Netherlands. In addition to our extremely large selection, we also write blogs on Pokémon news or informative topics that can help you as a collector full of tips and tricks. And we have great social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. Where we regularly do pack openings, giveaways and many other fun things. In short, if you want to buy Pokémon cards in the Netherlands, is the right place for you!

Is reliable to buy Pokemon cards from?

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How can I buy Pokemon cards at in the Netherlands?

Our pokemonshop is accessible worldwide the only thing you need is internet on your device with which you want to purchase Pokemon products. Then you go to and choose from the wide range of products you want to order. We ship with high-quality shipping materials and always pack all items properly. So that they cannot be damaged during transport to the Netherlands. You have the option to have it delivered to your home, to a pickup point or pick it up yourself. Because we process very many orders, we have obtained a special service with our couriers. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery.

Which Pokemon products can I buy?

We have a huge assortment, therefore there is a choice of very many products. We will list them for you in a clear overview.

Product Categories:
Booster boxes
Elite trainer boxes
Booster packs
Pokemon boxes
Pokemon offers
Pokemon Pre-orders

A little tip, check the ‘offers’ page regularly, because we have new Pokemon offers regularly! And if you want the newest sets of all your Pokemon buddies to be the first ones in your house, then the Pre-order page is also highly recommended. Here we continuously post the latest products that you can pre-order with us. In addition to all the product categories, we have also put together all the products by series. We will show these below in a clear overview.

Pokemon products by series together:
Astral Radiance
Brilliant Stars
Fusion Strike
Evolving Skies
Chilling Reign
Battle Styles
Shining Fates
Vivid Voltage
Darkness Ablaze
Rebel Clash
Unified Minds

We created this so that when you save the Pokémon cards of a certain series. You easily have an overview of all products that belong to this series. So it’s ideal if you’re saving for a single series!

Why is better than other Pokemon stores in the Netherlands?

  • We believe Pokémon cards should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we offer them at competitive prices.
  • We do it out of love for the hobby and community, as we have been collecting Pokémon cards ourselves for many years.
  • We only sell official Pokémon cards.
  • We deliver the products very quickly.
  • We have a wide range of products.
  • We always deliver pre-orders quickly! Sometimes you hear stories that people have to wait a very long time.
  • We have very many positive reviews!
  • We also create informative blogs with tips and tricks that will benefit collectors as well.


Hopefully we have been able to convince you, why you can order Pokémon cards from the Netherlands with confidence at We also hope that you will enjoy our good service and the pulls from our products for years to come. Thank you so much for reading and trusting our shop!