All Charizard V Pokémon cards

Alle Charizard V Pokémon Kaarten

All Charizard V Pokémon cards

All Charizard V Pokémon cards

In this Pokémon blog, we are going to list all the Charizard V cards for you. They will line up from most value to less and less value. So the most expensive and rarest Charizard V cards are at the top of this list. Charizard is one of the most popular, expensive and rare pokemon cards around. Therefore, we list them for you, currently going back to the EX era with Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. So in all likelihood, there will be no Charizard V cards in there.

1) Charizard V 154/172

Charizard V 154/172

Value: €200

2) Charizard V 079/073

Charizard V 079/073

Value: €175

3) Charizard V 153/172

Charizard V 153/172

Value: €45

4) Charizard V SWSH260 Promo

Charizard V SWSH260

Value: €20

5) Charizard V 019/189

Charizard V 019/189

Value: €10

6) Charizard V 017/172

Charizard V 017/172

Value: €8

7) Charizard V SWSH050 Promo

Charizard V SWSH050

Value: €7.50

8) Charizard V 018/159

Charizard V 018/159

Value: €6

9) Lance’s Charizard V SWSH133 Promo

Lance's Charizard V SWSH133

Value: €5

What do we think of these Charizard V Pokémon Cards?

They are beautiful cards but the hit of the game is still the Alternate Art Charizard V. This one is very difficult to puff and looks beautiful. Therefore, the value of this card stands out. It is currently the very rarest Charizard V pokemon card. The others look nice too, but we just have to pick a favorite. The list was predictable though, with the somewhat easier-to-peel zards at the bottom of the list with the least value. Hope you guys like this list too! Note that the values are noted at the time of writing the blog. Should you read this blog in a few weeks, months or even years from now. If so, prices may have risen or fallen. So don’t pin us down on it, should you want to check the current values of your cards? Then check our Pokémon Cardchecker to see: How much are my Pokémon cards worth?

In which Pokémon sets can I find these cards?

We list all the series for you:
Brilliant Stars
Champions Path
Darkness Ablaze
Crown Zenith

the promo cards are not pullen, but come from the following products:
Charizard Ultra Premium Collection Box
Champions Path Elite Trainer Box
Celebrations Charizard Box

Why are Charizard Pokémon cards so popular?

It is one of the 3 starter Pokémon from the very first Generation of Pokémon cards. So this already makes it extra special. In addition, Ash Ketchum the trainer around whom everything revolves gets a Charizard on his team. He gets a Charmander with a great story and eventually evolves it into a Charmeleon and then turns it into a Charizard. Among collectors, it is one of the very most popular pokemon right now. Even we are of course also very fan of the zards that makes writing these blogs extra fun.


We hope this will give you a clear picture of which Charizard V Pokémon cards exist. Hopefully it is now clear which is the rarest and which are a little less special. Any zard card is already great, of course, but there is a difference in rarity and value. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts so you don’t miss out on any deals and giveaways! Therefore, follow our: Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

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