What are the strongest Pokémon cards in the world?

shadow lugia pokemon card

What are the strongest Pokémon cards in the world? Ideal for use with Pokémon TCG online

Whether you're in Pokémon because you're a collector or because you're a super fan and want all of the merchandise. Everyone has heard of Pokémon Trading Card Game. The official card game, which actually belongs to the cards. If you've been active in the Pokémon world for a while, you've noticed that one card is much stronger than the other. Today we are going to talk about the very strongest Pokémon cards. So you can take advantage of this by collecting these tickets and using them during a game of Pokémon TCG! Then you too can finally beat your friends 😀

Lots of types of Pokémon cards

So many series of Pokémon have now been released. What all started in 1999, and now in 2021 they are still making new series. Like last month Sword & Shield Battle Styles. Anyway, if you've been into Pokémon for a while, you've noticed too. One card is simply much stronger than the other. You have super powerful attacks and very high HP numbers. You can't miss it. With the new series you see it especially with the VMAX cards, these are a lot stronger than the normal Vs. There used to be no VMAXes so that makes it a bit more difficult to compare. But we still make an effort for you.

The very best Pokémon cards in the world: our own top-5

We have made our own top 5, so don't get angry if you disagree with this. We have focused on how good and useful a card is in the deck itself. You are in the right place with these cards in your deck! We have disregarded all VMAXs. These are better by default than the old cards and we prefer to compare everything from the past. Otherwise, our entire top 5 would be tickets from 2021, and that's no fun either.

Number 5: Mega-Gengar

Gengar, the ghost Pokémon type, is the 3rd evolution of its form. The first is Gastly, which evolves into Haunter, which in turn evolves into Gengar. Gengar can be found in both mega and gigantamax form. This card has a super HP of no less than 220 and a super attack. Namely 'Phantom Gate', with this you can use an attack from your opponent for only 3 energy cards. Ideal for winning a battle, especially if you are up against a strong Pokémon. Then you just use his attack to knock him out! That is why this beautiful card is in our top-5 at number 5. So there are 4 more to come.

Number 4: Charizard Megaform Level X

Charizard, who doesn't know him? Charizard is the most popular Pokémon card at the moment. This fire dragon comes from the very first series and was immensely popular in the past. This has only increased over the years. This is the 3rd evolution of this Pokémon. You start with Charmander, which evolves into Charmeleon and that in turn into a super cool Charizard. In addition to the gigantamax form, Charizard also has two mega forms: Level X and Level Y. Besides the fact that Charizard is so popular, this card is also super powerful. The Call For Power attack links the energy cards of your opponent's Pokémons on the field with those of Charizard before he can attack. And then of course you use 'Malevolent Fire' which does 150 damage. Which Pokémon can compete with that? The Charizard is in 5th place in our top-4.

Number 3: Rayquaza Level X

Rayquaza a very popular legend Pokémon is a dragon type. The cover of the Pokémon game Emerald was central to Rayquaza, who appeared in Generation 3. The Rayquaza Level X shape has a super handy action called 'Dragon Spirit'. You may then draw an energy card of your choice from your discard pile and connect it to Rayquaza on the playing field. And don't forget his super powerful attack 'Final Blowup' that deals up to 200 damage at a time! Hence, this Legendary Pokémon could not be missed in our top 5.

Number 2: Mega Venusaur

Who doesn't know Venusaur? One of the 3 starters that started it all. You wouldn't expect it, but Mega Venusaur is stronger than Mega Blastoise and Mega Charizard. Yes really, we didn't believe it at the beginning either. Venusaur is a grass Pokémon, and has two other evaluations. Bulasaur is the first, then Ivysaur follows and Venusaur is the last. It has both a gigantamax and a mega shape. The 230 HP is indisputable, but it also has strong attacks. Crisis Vine, this will deal 120 damage to your opponent, but that's not all. Your opponent will also become paralyzed and incur poison. This temporarily prevents it from attacking and automatically removes HP from the Pokémon. Ideal to win a battle! Think of him as a tank, very strong at defense due to his high HP. But at the same time, it can also cause considerable damage and paralyze an opponent. That is why Venusaur is in 2nd place in our top 5.

Number 1: Shadow Lugia

Then we now arrive at the number 1 on our list! Surprisingly, this is another Legendary and popular Pokémon. Lugia is an air / psychic Pokémon and the boss of the three other legendary birds; Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. Shadow Lugia, is one of several shapes that Lugia has. Not only is it a powerful Pokémon, but it's also a very rare card. Why is this card the very best Pokémon card? Well very simple, it already has an impressive number of HP, namely 300 HP. But his attack is unprecedented! The attack 'Shadow Storm' does 1000 damage to an opponent for 4 psychic energy cards. But come on, which Pokémon can survive a 1000 HP attack? Exactly, when you play this attack it is an instant KO for your opponent. And that makes this card the very strongest of all. So don't forget to add it to your deck when you play against your friends. But don't tell them, and surprise them!

shadow lugia pokemon card


We wish you the best of luck with your future Pokémon card game pots! Hopefully you will win against all your friends and have enjoyed our top 5.

What are the strongest Pokémon cards in the world?

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