Marnie is getting a Pokémon TCG: Tournament Premium Collection!

Marnie is getting a Pokémon TCG: Tournament Premium Collection!

Marnie Tournament Premium Collection

We finally know where the mysteriously missing Marnie Full Art card will turn up. This card, which was originally in the Japanese Shiny Star V set, never made it into the English version, Shining Fates. Instead, it sits in a pile of unopened boxes in the far corner of the TCG database awaiting its release in August: Marnie Tournament Premium Collection!
Looks like Marnie is going to be printed in English after all!

Now… why would this be the only card Pokémon TCG didn’t release in the English-language Shining Fates set? Many YouTubers and podcasters have discussed this.

  • One theory was that a set like Shining Fates with two Chase cards (Marnie & Charizard) would cause an explosion in the market for these items.
  • Another theory is that Pokémon screens the market and sees how well a particular card does in Japanese and then releases it as a promo card in a new product.

We are super happy that the Marnie card is finally going to appear in the UK market and is expected to be released in August 2021!

Possible photos of the cards

Now a photo of the box is circulating, but we cannot confirm that it is the final photo. The photo shows that the box contains only packs from Chilling Reign, the upcoming Sword & Shield expansion with release in June 2021. We expect that boxes like this that come out for standard expansions will not be getting only boosters from one particular set. For example, a special set product like the Shining Fates Premium Collection only has packs of Shining Fates and not multiple sets. But when Battle Style came out, a standard expansion and their products had two packs of Battle Styles and then two more packs of real sets.

Personally, I think it is more likely that the Marnie Tournament Premium Collection will contain multiple different sets, which contradicts the unconfirmed images on social media. Also, this box would be released in August, a full two months after the debut of Chilling Reign.
However it turns out, it’s great to see this card making its way into the English-language Pokémon TCG in a way where it will be a guaranteed addition to the collection of any player who receives the box. If this card had actually been in the Shining Fates packs, you would expect it to be worth as much as the Shiny Charizard VMAX, based on the value of the Japanese version. Well, fortunately, this is something we can all own!

Soon available for Pre-order!

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